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2019 Eurotrip – Normandy

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

I loooove road trips! I know opinions are split here, but from my perspective, nothing quite compares to that feeling of being in complete control of your time and geography – that of course, assuming you’re either a good driver or have a very willing one as a partner.

And so for my 2019 Eurotrip, the chosen route saw me overnight in a few different places across France and Spain.

Our journey started on a Friday night when we drove to Dover for a crossing into Calais followed by another couple of hours of driving to reach the French city of Rouen. And you'll see in the gallery below the view that I woke up to…

This pretty gem is the capital of the Normandy region but its prettiness is studded with real historical significance dating back through the times of Joan of Arc. There is even a statue built as part of the church where she was supposedly burned which you can visit as part of an easy stroll into town. Fascinating stuff!

After having a delicious pain au chocolat and coffee right on the steps of the Rouen Cathedral, (which by the way, is stunning), off we went, venturing deeper into France, all the way to a small village in Dordogne down in the Southwest.

I cannot express the awe when first glimpsing at this place. I think the expression cute as a button finally made sense to me when stepping on the grounds of La Guérinière. This cute little cottage is being run by a lovely lady called Brigitte. In summer you can enjoy the pool, as well as a delicious dinner post a cold glass of their traditional nut champagne (I know! It really is a thing and if you’re into nuts, this is the one for you).

Breakfast is delicious and the choice is plentiful. I would, however, say that for dinner, you do need to dine at the same table as other guests, so if this is not something you’re keen on, then perhaps dinner in the village is for you. We had a lovely time and got to meet a couple of Patagonians travelling through Europe and two French and Swiss couples touring the country on their Harley Davidsons – it doesn’t get more rock’n’roll than that for a small French village.

After a restful night at the charming B&B, it was time to hit the road for our next destination in Spain, but not before a quick detour via Andorra…read about it here.

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