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Langkawi Island, a dreamy paradise

The final stop of our Malaysian trip to Kuala Lumpur (read it here) and Borneo (read it here) was the paradise island of Langkawi. It warms my heart only thinking back on it because it is one of those lost in space and time places, where the locals' charm adorns the painted seascapes and tranquil atmosphere - it's pure bliss.

We stayed at Meritus Pelangi, an ethnic-inspired beach resort hosted on the shores of the famous Chenang beach boasting traditional style wooden villas with private balconies, a wonderful tried and tested spa and all the other trimmings you would expect.

Most days here were spent on the beach and by the pool, with the evenings involving strolls down the white sand beach to my local favourite, a beach bar called Thirstday offering unrivalled sunset views located adjacent the best seafood place ever (!), Orkid Ria, a local favourite which must've had at least 20 varieties of lobster alone! The place is simply seafood heaven.

On one of the days, we took a trip to the Sky Bridge, a 125-metre curved pedestrian cable-stayed bridge in Malaysia located approximately 660 meters above sea level. The views from here are breathtaking but if you do suffer from fear of heights, I would probably stick to enjoying the museums at the bottom of the cable car.

Back at the base of the cable car, there are lots of things to do for kids and adults alike! One example (aside from a garden of bunnies!) is the Art in Paradise 3D Museum which is brilliant for fooling around for a few hours and taking fun pictures. I had to be dragged out of there as they were closing, but you get the picture - pun intended :)

Other activities included random tours of the island visiting hotels and their charming restaurants and bars. One of these was St Regis where we enjoyed a nice dinner and cocktails and strolled around the surrounding beaches.

I absolutely adored Langkawi! There is much to do and not much to do if that makes sense. You can just relax on the beaches and admire gorgeous sunsets, or dive into adventurous water sports followed by island tours.

The food markets are incredible feasts for the senses, as are the local restaurants - give them both a try! Finally, if you're after a beach escape and not convinced yet, check out my trip to the Maldives (here) or Mauritius (here), or perhaps Mamaia (here) for more inspiration.

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