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Amalfi Coast, Italy - 3 days of bliss

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

How do you describe a place that is more than picture-perfect, book-inspiring and sense awakening? Well, the Italians seem to have a name for it and they call it the Amalfi coast.


As legend has it, the coast takes its name from a nymph that was loved by Hercules and buried on the site at the Gods' behest. Who knows if the story is true, but in any case, the views and feelings that you get here are truly moving. I always thought that the drama of the high-peaked mountains combined with the serenity of the turquoise seas always creates beautiful sceneries, but the views from Ravello are something else.

We started our journey with the lovely Luigi picking us up from the airport in Napoli and sharing his passion for his beautiful region on the way back to Ravello. Luigi is so passionate and wonderful and you can book his services for a tour of the beautiful coast. His knowledge and charisma are simply amazing. You can learn more about him here and I suggest you get in touch if you plan on visiting this beautiful place.

We spent the first night at a small hotel called La Casa di Vania. Tucked away in between the rocky mountains, this little gem offers stunning views of the sea. All you need to do is draw the curtains, and there it is - all blue everything and a sumptuous, home-made Italian breakfast.

The following day we moved to the stunning Hotel Villa Fraulo, where we stayed for 2 nights. I should have started by saying the reason we visited the Amalfi Coast was for the wedding of one of my beautiful friends and so the rest of the time we spent in the charming Ravello.

We roamed around the centre of the village before heading over to the magical Villa Cimbrone. How can I describe this place with mortal words when its appearance is simply divine? Well, try closing your eyes and imagining the gardens from the Great Gatsby landscaped by the mythological Gods' best gardener and then sprinkle some fairy dust on top, and there you have it - or you can always go on their website and see it :). There it was; the perfect wedding location.

We went over for the wedding rehearsal and had a delicious lunch with the bride and bridesmaids. The next day was the wedding day and it was as beautiful as I imagined with the happy couple shining throughout. The party in the evening was so good that we all struggled to leave and continued the party in one of the palazzo's rooms until the early morning hours - I really wished it never ended.

The following day we went for a walk through the further parts of the town and finished off with a seafood lunch at Ristorante Salvatore. We then waited for Luigi to come and pick us up and take us to the Napoli train station from where we took an unplanned train to Rome. As they say, all roads lead to Rome, it would appear to be true!

Conclusion? The Amalfi coast is absolutely stunning offering unrivalled views, beautiful food and rich heritage. I do think you need to go for a bit longer and perhaps add a few more stops to your visit, including Sorrento and Positano, but as I said, if you do decide to go, speak to Luigi and he will make sure he creates the right trip for you. For more tips, try this.

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