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A trip to dreamy Croatia - 3 days

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Ah, the beautiful sight of the sun-soaked Dalmatian coast is one that tends to stay with you forever. Even more so, when you add to it good company, good laughs and an amazing atmosphere.

Following the principle 'girls just wanna have fun', I travelled to Dubrovnik in July 2019 for a short trip - ok, I'll admit, it was my friend's bachelorette party and together with the girls, we had the most amazing time. About half an hour away from the main airport in Dubrovnik lay our charming villa with its oleander-adorned brick walls and the cutest little pool.

We enjoyed our humble abode for three nights over the course of a long weekend and during those brief moments when we weren't taking in all the vitamin D that there was, we were exploring the medieval city centre.

The place is a stunning all-rounder with lots of opportunities for al fresco dining, fresh seafood paired with lovely wines as well as noisier bars and craft beers for the younger crowds. As for the city centre itself, the moment you reach it you instantly feel like you're in a utopian land where time stood still - no wonder that the location was used in Game of Thrones so much, only that there's only beauty beyond this wall.

A few places that we enjoyed during our stay included the Cave Bar - which is literally a bar built in a cave with a stunning view of the harbour. Once we had enjoyed a few drinks here, the next stop was the wonderful restaurant Tramuntana - hard to beat the food, the drinks or indeed, the views here, but the tuna dishes were simply divine.

The evening saw us wander the streets of the old town again and have a few dancing sessions around the local bars, including Buzz Bar. I think the important thing to say is that Dubrovnik is wonderful if you're after beach bars and a more chilled out atmosphere rather than proper clubbing (but I'm sure the latter is also possible!).

Our second day commenced with Aperol for breakfast at the local harbour bar just before we embarked the lovely Prestige 42 (I am basically showing off having learned the terminology) that we had rented for the day. If you're going in a bigger group, this is a great option - we went round the coast, explored crystalline caves and snorkelled at leisure, and all this whilst enjoying bottomless Prosecco and other liquid delicacies.

The last day was spent at the Coral Beach Club, which was amazing. We had booked an area for our party and the music and drinks kept us entertained throughout the day. The best part of it is that the beach club became a real Ibiza white party style club in the evening - I guess this is what they mean when they say there's something for everybody in Dubrovnik.

Bottom line? Dubrovnik was amazing and I am sure the rest of Croatia is too - natural heaven kept safe by lovely locals and their delicious food. Definitely one to be going back to.

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