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2019 Eurotrip – Bordeaux and Loire

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

And then there was Bordeaux…


Here we stayed in a beautiful, family-run manor house called Les Clos Marcamps. Luckily, the sun was there to act as our host and support the actual hosts who were also lying by the pool and offering the guests local rose wine to cool down from the heat. Absolute bliss! We were only here for a night and we opted for a cold charcuterie platter and bottle of local Bordeaux for our dinner (you could also have dinner in the village, but that would involve a short drive).

Breakfast was very French and very tasty – the resident chef prepared a freshly made kiwi and avocado mousse to go alongside the plentiful varieties of pastries and fresh fruit. How very French!

As we were heading back to our final destination in the Loire valley, where we were meeting some friends, we stopped by Château de l’Hurbe, a family business run by the charming Marc and Agnes and tasted (some of us only smelled!) some delicious wine and were proudly shown around the enormous wine tanks, each decorated with a picture of a different cow (Agnes is from Normandy..!). Needless to say, we came back with a trunk full. Don’t judge!

Travelling back through Cognac and Camembert (unfortunately there was not much time to stop for tastings), we arrived at our final destination (how dramatic!). This was a pretty rustic, yet charming B&B in the Loire Valley, called La Sterne de Loire.

Here we met a couple of friends and explored the surrounding, whilst wining and dining galore. The area is beautiful and it has lots to offer but you may want to make sure you’re prepared to drive for dinner, or if not, you can stay in the beautiful village of Saumur (here’s a lovely guide on things to do).

The following morning, after what I consider to be a rather austere breakfast with toast and marmalade, it was time to go home…

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