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About me

Hello, World! I’m Andra and as most of my friends and family say, I have a mild travel addiction. There…hardest part out of the way!

I can’t even remember how or when all this started, but all I can say is that it snowballed really quickly. The occasional weekend away soon metamorphosed into a militarised target of 10 – 12 new countries to be visited per year. And it continues…

I love new places (who doesn't?), I love trying new experiences and tasting local food. For me, it’s all about expanding my mind, learning new things and immersing myself into the ‘novel’. But the thing that I like most is sharing those experiences and making sure I have an active role in sharing these stories with friends, family, and all of you, international travellers.

So if you’re looking for inspiration or wanting to go away for a few days, or better yet, for longer and want a few tried and tested options to have in you artillery, you’ve come to the right place. 

The way I see it, this blog is a tale-telling of modern travels viewed through the lenses of a nomad young professional. So I hope you enjoy it, and hopefully, it comes in handy too!

Weekend in the countryside 😊🥂😍 #franc
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